Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I know we're already a week into October, but September was such a great month I wanted to take a beat and reflect. :)

I started my full-time job. So far? It is really, really great. And I'm extremely thankful I can say that with complete honesty. The culture is fun and the people on my team are bright, and I come home at night still with energy and enthusiasm to return the next day. It's hard being the "new girl," and to be totally honest, this new role is completely different from my past experiences so I am coming in with zero expertise; which isn't fun to not know how to do your job, but if there was a place to walk in new, this is the place to do it. (I'll update more about this later.)

I'm checking out churches. E and I committed to church hopping until end of November, and it's been one verrry interesting process. Again, I've never looked for a church before, let alone been a visitor at a church before, so this is all foreign territory to me. Five weeks in and eight churches visited, and it has been one heck of a roller coaster. There's been phases of discouragement, doubts if we'll ever find a good church, homesickness for our old home church, etc. But also phases of hope, unique opportunity to worship alongside brothers/sisters we'd probably never witness otherwise, seeing a wide spectrum of church communities, and then once in awhile entering a church where you know God's blessing is present. Interestingly, MN has a TON of churches! Many, many mega-churches... I don't know if this is unique to MN or more on my radar just cause I'm looking, but there are so many mega-churches. I've been in more mega-churches this month than I have in my entire late! I definitely notice my guard go up with mega-churches and I need to be more discerning with that, but it has been cool to worship in super nice facilities/praise teams/etc. Anyway, as of late, there's a few I really enjoy so far and I'm eager to join a small group and be in a community again. :)

I'm enjoying fall. All those fall things girls love. Apple orchards. Pumpkin spice latte. Flavored candles. Scarves and sweaters. You name it! I am totally embracing this season with open arms.

I'm making new friends. While trying to refrain from sounding like a third-grader who made friends at lunch by trading their apples for chips or on the school playground, but hey, when you move to a new city you gotta make new friends and put yourself out there. You know me, I'm all about the story-sharing, memory-making and right adjacent to the spitting in your hand and making a secret handshake kinda thing, so I like making new friends. There's a bunch of 20-something transplants, so I'm definitely not alone in this process. What's great about being in a new city and making new friends is that you do activities that you probably never would have done before. Ex: my girlfriends and I call a great night one spent on the couch, and we visit the same spots for dinner. However lately, I've tried boat riding, kayaking, hiking, and apple picking. :) Just to name a few... I guess you can call me your adventure queen. (Clearly I didn't get funnier moving to a new state.)

venturing from starbucks
celebrating our three year
apartment tour

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  1. Great month! My church is very small - maybe 50 members or so we meet in Brooklyn Park/Maple Grove area, but depending on where you live there are some really great church communities. Passion in Maple Grove and Substance in Roseville I hear are great, but I know of a few small ones, too! Praying you find where God wants you to be!

    1. I've heard of Substance! But not Passion. I'll look it up. :) Lately I've been attending New Hope Church, and I really enjoy it so far. Thank you so much for your sweet words and recommendations. :)


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