Saturday, September 6, 2014

It's no secret that I love my Starbucks, but being in MN has made me so curious to check out all of the local coffee shops this city has to offer. I've decided to lay low from chains for awhile, minus the Chai trip I took this afternoon, to get a feel for MN's unique coffee culture. 

One spot I tried is near the U of M campus called, BLACK. (Don't worry if that name doesn't sound like it sticks, they blast their name everywhere so you'll never forget it.)

I learned about this place through a local Instagrammer who raved about its waffles so I really wanted to try it out. I dragged the BF along with me and we split a Dogwood coffee + a strawberry cream waffle. 

branding/ambience: like I said, they never let you forget its name and have it written on basically on every surface area. The branding is definitely a memorable one. Inside the decor is rustic and minimal, mostly black and wood, giving it a rich, hipster vibe. Seating is limited and not too cozy, but it sufficed. Very lax.

menu items: I ordered an iced Dogwood. I heard Dogwood roasters really monopolize the area, so I assumed it was popular, but I wasn't much of a fan. The coffee had strong fruity undertones, which isn't my kinda brew, and I would probably pass on that next time. BUT THE WAFFLES. but the waffles. I could go back any day for the waffles. I wish I could describe it to you in detail (or even better, just send it to you through a computer screen. side note: why isn't there a technology for that yet?), but I am not a food blogger for a reason because my capability to describe food is limited. The only words I use is: MM! delicious! strawberry-y! cream cheesey! gooey! so good! All while the food is in my mouth, so we don't get too far. 


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this one! I definitely want to check it out!

    1. Yes, of course! :) Are you in the MLPS area? I hope you like it, too!

  2. A waffle bar AND a coffee shop? Count me in!

  3. Coffee and waffles are two of my favourite things. These people definitely have my heart (stomach).

    1. LOL, I see what ya did there. If only coffee + waffles always came hand in hand...

  4. i absolutely LOVE the idea of this place & i'm all for trying out new (local) shops!
    seriously this just sounds like genius! too bad you didn't enjoy the coffee (fruity undertones would be a little weird)


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