Sunday, September 14, 2014

Minnesotans love their lakes. I guess they are called the land of 10,000 lakes for a reason. ;) Rain or shine, people always seem to be flocking lakeside. If they can't be IN the water, you bet they're still biking/rollerblading/sitting to at least enjoy the waves from a distance.

Growing up in the midwest burbs, I was never much of a water person. I never lived near a body of water and the changing seasons didn't exactly cultivate that kind of culture. (Not to mention my swimming skills were limited to doggy-paddling until my freshman year of college. Yikes.) But fortunately for me, it looks like things are changing! And you know what they say, when in Rome... I now live VERY close (5-minute walking distance) to a lake and can't help but to be so attracted to it every time I pass by it. There's a 3-mile bike/walk path surrounding the water and I've gone around it a couple of times so far and it was so much fun — not to mention beautiful. I definitely understand they hype now. Count me in!  

1 down, 9,999 to go...! Cheers to new adventures and cultures!




  1. I can see why they love 'em! These photos are gorgeous!

    1. Haha I agree. I've definitely been missing out. And the water literally sparkles. How can I cannot NOT take a picture. ;)

  2. i would love them if i lived there too!! so gorgeous!

    1. It's so beautiful. My family (plus our dogs) are visiting me this weekend, and I am definitely taking them to the lake to show them!


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