I see your passion and I see your creativity. Now it's time you steep them in purpose and unleash them to the world.  Let's do this together, sista. 

Coffee & Honeycomb is a space for Christian women to feel refreshed and empowered to unleash their passion, unfold their creativity, and steep #allthethings in purpose. For the go-getters, goal setters, and hustlers alike (ladies are hustlers, too*!), stay awhile, won't you? It's about to get real goood.

In case you're wondering: what happens when our passion, work, and dare I even say, lives, are fueled by God's purpose? We become unstoppable, unapologetic, original, confident, and best of all, contagious
*Beyonce said it once so it must be true... Yes I made a Beyonce reference. Now you really gotta stay awhile. :)

Here at Coffee & Honeycomb, the mission is to inspire and empower women to...
  • To find identity and contentment in the love and grace of God (not in the number of likes, followers, or dollars). 
  • To let go of society's standards and expectations, to be free from #fomo and the rat race.
  • To live unapologetic big lives — to love with big hearts, make big messes, chase big dreams, and pray even bigger prayers.
  • To create authentically, in the closet, kitchen, or artwork (but never for self-validation).
  • To be present and see beauty in the nooks and crannies of ordinary daily life.
  • And ultimately to fuel creativity + passion with Kingdom purpose. And iced coffee, of course.

If any of the above resonated with you (or at least the mutual love for iced coffee), then you are totally in the right place. I will be the first to say that I am thrilled you are here and currently throwing virtual confetti your way. And yes I am ALWAYS this chipper. :) I promise it becomes more endearing and less obnoxious. Eventually.

I thought you would never ask. Hi there! My name is Jenny Kim and I am the girl behind Coffee & Honeycomb. I have a degree in Advertising and Communication and currently work as a marketing planner. I'm a Chicago native but now live in the Twin Cities with my husband + man of my dreams, Eugene. I refer to him as E on this blog. You can read about our proposal here

I want to be totally transparent and say that I am not a professional and nowhere near an expert on any of Coffee & Honeycomb's missions. Instead, I write and come to you as a friend who does not have it all together, but as someone who firmly believes in the mission and is taking it day by day to live it out. I hope you will journey alongside me.

In short, I am a dreamer, a storyteller, a coffee addict, and a netflix junkie. I am inspired by anything and everything, always eager to jumpstart new projects. An ENFP spirit, for sure. At any given moment I have a million ideas floating around in my head - which often find their way scribbled onto the corners of napkins and notepads. I love meeting new people, exchanging stories and cultures, and celebrating both life's small and big moments! I adore instagram, coffee, and my husband - in that order. #jokes. If you also consider instagram your second home, say hello and we can become BFF and exchange our fave #vsco filters.

One day I aspire to be a full time creative (working on stationary or brands) and a story teller (public speaking or podcasting). That's the goal. I don't know what that will exactly look like yet but am confident that the Lord who brought me here will continue to carry me forward. Til then, I will blog away my life here - and I hope you are inspired along the way. Thank you for letting me share my life with you.

X O X O , 
J E N N Y 

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  1. Hi Jenny! I found you through Amy at Taking Steps Home. I knew immediately that I had to follow along with ...I love the name of your blog and the scripture that you have along with it. :) Looking forward to reading more and getting to know you!


  2. Love love love your blog! I'm thinking I should follow you sister!

  3. Hi Jenny! I just found your blog! I grew up in the Minneapolis area and now I live in the southern part of MN! :)

    1. HI Hannah! Thanks for stopping by! I don't know how I just saw this (maybe I have my notifications turned off) but that's so cool that you're from MN. Hope to keep in touch! xoxo.

  4. LOVE Your new about page!! I haven't had a chance lately to stop in and read but I am loving where you are going with Coffee and Honeycomb. Can't wait for #thereturn.


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