Friday, August 30, 2013

I mentioned briefly in my "Journaling in July" post that I had discovered the organization, More Love Letters. (If you don't know what that is, start here.)

*And if you don't feel like going to a 3rd party site, More Love Letters is basically founded on the idea that this world has too many websites, too many apps, too many networks, and what it really needs is more love letters. The mission is to lift, empower, and mobilize individuals through tangible acts of love. 

I fell in love with the mission and wanted to carry that same kind of heart onto my campus as well. I had been searching and praying about starting an RSO (registered student organization) since last year, and brainstormed different ideas... I thought about different things I was interested in: networking, sharing, working... So I considered creating a space and network for Christians in the marketplace, or women in the marketplace, or connecting non-Christians with Christians, all things that were close to my heart and real life topics I struggled with as an underclassmen. I liked the idea of them, but never felt equipped to be the person to start something like that.

I was interning at that time and struggling with the office culture which was very negative and hostile. Agency walls felt suffocating. I initially reacted by complaining and contemplating even quitting, but as I prayed through it all, God really gave me a heart for the people in the office and pushed me to respond with a heart of thankfulness. I started desiring to bring smiles and encouragement and positive energy that permeated throughout agency walls. One person at a time, one project at a time, and it had to start with me. So I prayed for an attitude of thankfulness and love. That's when I stumbled across More Love Letters. It was the PERFECT tangible way to spread that love, and in a way that I really resonated with. (My love language being words plus my enthusiasm for crafts/stationary.)

I ended up being way too shy to leave random notes everywhere, so I just wrote random letters — thank you letters, good luck letters, 'just because' letters — on post-it notes and left them on peoples' desks. It seemed a bit more reasonable and a lot less creepy. I wrote them to people I talked to earlier that week mentioning something from our conversation. I wanted my co-workers to feel known, acknowledged, and remembered. It was so fun — and it definitely made me more attentive during conversations.

After I left, I still felt so connected to More Love Letters. When I shared the idea to my roommate, she encouraged me to go for it. Her positive response gave me the confidence I needed, and we partnered together to make it a real thing. :) Over the last week. we've recruited a few people and have already started writing/dropping love letters! I get really excited thinking about it because its such a powerful idea with so many legs and the potential to grow in various directions.

I'm really excited to see how it will actualize itself throughout the upcoming year. :) Here are some letters that have already been made.


*So tell me, would it make YOUR day if you found an anonymous love letter? :)


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  1. That is so adorable!! I love this idea!!

    Thanks for co-hosing the Bloggers Digest with me! :) I'm following now!
    Amanda @ Happily Ever After


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