Saturday, September 27, 2014

I've been meaning to share these photos for awhile now, but once work started, things got busier delaying the post. However, the apartment hasn't changed too much since I took these photos, so I thought I'd share these now and update as I go along! The walls are still bare and I plan to throw up some photos and art to it, but I'm saving those Pinterest projects for winter when I'm hibernating. ;) 

So far living alone has been great :) In a couple of days, it will mark an official month of being in Minnesota. (Time flies!) I really do miss living with my roommates and all the fun that it brings — eating dinner together, talking while getting ready, convincing one another to stay in and pop in a movie, and spontaneous adventures, etc. And it's definitely not like living with my parents who lovingly keep the house tidy and food on the table (gosh, I took those times for granted), but living alone also brings new liberation!

While I miss having roommates, one of my favorite things about living alone (so far) is having full control of the decoration and organization. So much clean space to work with, let me tell you, it is one big canvas. It took me a couple of days to unload my life out of boxes and plan out a strategic way to maximize my studio, but it was totally worth it. Now I am completely pleased with how it turned out and I enjoy coming home to it. :) 

Take a look! 

The walls are gray in the bedroom and the lighting is very dim, so it kind of washes out the space so I want to think of a remedy to this problem. Also, does anyone know an inexpensive place to find cute pillows to add?

I'm still finding good pieces to decorate my desk, but you should recognize this from my old 'working space' post back when I moved into my college apartment!

And there you go! :) If you have a recent post sharing a tour of your apartment/dorm, leave a comment below and I'd love to check it out! :) Home tours always give me the best inspo!


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