Thursday, January 2, 2014

This time of the year is always busy for everyone... Endless holidays, mind numbingly cold weather, gift shopping, party planning, family gatherings, and food coma induced naps...  With so much going on, it's easy to let the mornings run into nights and let life pass by without taking a moment to pause and reflect. So, over here on Coffee & Honeycomb, I wanted to clear up some time to seal away 2013 and properly welcome 2014.

Shall we walk down memory lane together...

In January, (I know, this feels forever ago) I picked up my passport and left the country for the first time in my life to study abroad in Verona, Italy. I moved into a cute little Italian home with my college roommate and enrolled into the Scuola di Lingua Italiana Idea Verona. I traded in dollars for euros, Starbucks lattes for single espressos, and the city's skyline for ancient cobblestones. And that was just the start. I was about to enter into a whole new European living. Ciao Verona!

I spent a good chunk of May tying up loose ends, buying last minute souvenirs, and treating myself to celebratory gelatos. On the 4th, packed up my bags once again and headed towards the states. I was reunited with the family, the lovely pups, and of course, Starbucks. So long to pausas and passeggiata, enter summer.

August was monumental. I turned 21 (wahoo), moved into my first apartment, became a senior, started co-leading, and chartered my first college organization, Campus Cursive.
Now here we are, twelve long months later... Twelve long months of ups and downs and in-between nothings. Seasons of confusion, excitement, and even seasons of anxiety. It was a year of growing pains. I was pushed out of my comfort zone in more ways than one, and although uncomfortable at times, I learned that that is exactly where the magic happens. (I know I wear out that phrase to its bare bones but I'm a firm believer in it.) One thing that stayed the same was God's hand and nearness in my life, and I'm so grateful that miles (both literally and figuratively) traveled, I have sweet assurance that my God is my God and He is near me. (: 

To be honest, life doesn't look that much different from what it did one year ago. My home is the same, the people in my life are still near, and we still don't know who Ted Mosby's wife is. However, if I take the time to reflect on all that one year had to offer, that "same" life feels different — and that excites me! I'm ready to embrace the new year with wide open arms.

In 2014, let's be kind to our neighbors, do things that make us smile, and make room in our heart and life for God to plant and mold and speak. Let's make this one a good one, friends. 

Pssst! See how other ladies spent their 2013 here! And if you did your own post, be sure to link up here. Happy reflecting! :)


  1. Such a fun post! I love these end of the year recaps!

  2. You're so cute :) Awesome recap! Happy new year! xo

  3. Happy to hear you had a wonderful 2013! :) Thank you for sharing!


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