Friday, August 29, 2014

In a couple of days, August will be over.
In a couple of hours, it will be my last night in Naperville with my family.
In a couple of (more) hours, I will be a Minnesota resident.
In a couple of weeks, I will be a full-time worker. 
So, so, so weird. 

I was taking a look at my baby steps for August; reflecting and reevaluating how this month went. I completed a lot of the tasks I had set (minus the bonfire and Japan scrapbook), but overall, the month was a pretty tough one. Creatively, I felt no motivation or juice left in me to make anything. Physically, I felt like a squishy sloth (lolz @ the alliteration) all of the time. I wasn't eating healthy or being active or sleeping regularly, so my body often felt sluggish and slow. (But hey, calories don't count in your birthday month.) Spiritually, I was inconsistent; very reactive to my surrounding and circumstances versus standing firm and remaining bold. Overall, I treated August as an 'interim' month, just a fill-in until real life began. Don't get me wrong, the break was really nice and probably much my last one ever, but everyone around me was starting life and school and work, and for me, I was on pause. 

And let me tell you, I hate pausing for too long. I just hate it. I've never been that kind of person. I hate being stagnant. It makes me restless and lazy and crazy. I need change and movement and projects and challenges and surroundings and new grace thrown my way. I like to be elbow-deep in work, in growth, in dreams — and not just any kind, but meaningful work, intentional growth, and ginormous dreams/prayers. Hey, that's kinda catchy. Maybe I should make that my slogan for the year... ;) 

One of my "baby steps" were to turn 22. I'll save ya the suspense, I succeeded. I turned 22. I'm sure the suspense was just killing ya on that one. Anyway, with a new year, I made a list of 22 vows/dreams I'd like to do before I turn 23. :) This is my first time doing this so I threw in a mix of lifestyle changes, bucket list-worthy tasks, and also some simple ones. It's on the calm side — nothing like go bun-jee jumping or drink 22 shots in 22 hours or whatever people actually add to their bucket list. But this is mine, and this is what it looks like. Inspired by Elise's #makeitpublicmakeithappen, to share things with you. Here it goes!

22 VOWS:

1. Memorize 22 verses.
2. Cook 22 dishes.
3. Read 22 books.
4. Send 22 letters.
5. Do quiet time daily.
6. Take more photos.
7. Develop more photos.
8. Learn something new.
9. Start a bible study.
10. Pick up a new sport/physical activity. Barre? 
11. Develop Etsy shop.
12. Be deeply invested in a community.
13. Be intentional with my time and relationships and money. 
14. Run a race.
15. Visit 22 different cities.
16. Write a song.
17. Call family often.
18. Serve at a retreat.
19. Give the blog a makeover + ad spaces.
20. Volunteer. 
21. Love my job.
22. Love God more than I did the year before.



  1. Love love loveeee! Happy September, and happy twenty-two! xo

    1. Thank you for the sweet wishes! :) Hope you are having a wonderful September as well.


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