GREETINGS FROM THE TWIN CITIES (and first impressions)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

^ The OCD side of me is pained to post this photo because the canvas is tilted... But I decided to share it anyway because this is my new town and I'm gonna love it. 

I officially moved into my new home over Labor Day weekend, and I am completely ecstatic to be here.

  • People love to give thumbs-ups & high-fives. 
  • Everyone here is so friendly and loves small talk. They strike up conversation everywhere we go - the local ice cream shop, in the elevator, on the street, etc. They just really want to know how you are doing. Even when I'm driving and I make a mistake, they wave at me and smile. THEY SMILE. 
  • Speaking of driving, the roads are awful here. Whoever constructed and planned these roads was awful. All left turns are basically U-turns, entry/exits of highways are on the same side, roads merge and split and change names whenever the want... It's a mess. Even my GPS gets confused sometimes. Next time I'll screenshot my Maps for you all to see, because then you'll see what I mean.
  • It's okay that I get lost all of the time because all highways are free! Bye, bye ipass.
  • People don't seem to follow traffic laws either. I've seen a handful of people run a red light, and I think the other day a car behind me honked at me for actually stopping at one... I dungetit.
  • All cop cars have the license plate, "POLICE." lol
  • The air is so clean. Every breath is so full and crisp and fresh and I love it. And the water is so fresh and smells like heaven.
  • People pronounce words funny. "Bag" as "bayg" - "About" as "aboht" - "Sorry" as "sohry." It's like we are in Canada. 
  • The city is concentrated with so many libraries and book stories. I did read beforehand that MN was the 3rd most literate city, but they really do value their books — and I can appreciate that! 
  • It's also concentrated with coffee shops, which I very much plan to check out. (;
That's about it so far! :) I do like it here, and E & I say everyday how thankful we are because everyone has gone above and beyond to welcome us to the city and make us feel at home. 

I don't start work for a couple of weeks and the movers (finally) come tomorrow, so I have a lot of free time on my hands. I want to...
- Learn calligraphy.
- Explore coffee shops.
- Check out church communities.
- Spend time with ze Lord.

<3 I shall keep y'all updated! 


  1. I just moved (back) to Minneapolis last weekend. The roads here really do suck. Traffic is terrible too. I love the coffee shops here. I'm actually reading your blog from a coffee shop, Espresso Royale. Minneapolis is great!

    1. Oops! Just saw this comment after I responded to the last one. And ah, I can't believe that have Espresso Royale in Mn! We also had it on campus where I went to school in Illinois — I thought it was an Illinois thing. I'll definitely have to check it out out of nostalgia... :) Welcome back!

  2. I miss the Midwest so much, East Coast folk don't smile. I hope you enjoy exploring the city and getting a chance to find a good book or twenty! :-)

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet words! I'll definitely have to pick a good book to indulge... I've only been to the east coast a handful of times, but they do have a certain hustle&bustle to them. I'm sure YOUR midwest smile is bringing them joy in the east! :)

  3. Replies
    1. I do, too! In my old town, so many bookstores were closing down by the minute. This is something new! Even their local shops somehow stay in busines.

    2. Me too! In my old town, all of the bookstores were closing down by the minute (minus the big chains like Barnes&Noble). But they all seem to be alive and well here!

  4. Oooh, a city that likes books?! COUNT ME IN. I would spend forever exploring coffee shops and book shops. That sounds like my kind of place!

    1. Girl, you and me both. You and me both! That is currently my life right now haha.


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