Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It'ssssss August! And you know what that means? Birthday month — for both this blog and myself! My favorite month of the year. :) I thought it was only appropriate to do a 'baby steps' post for this month with so much happening right now. In the past, entering August = entering a new school year, but since I graduated in May, I am officially done with school. No more first day of school outfit, no more syllabus, no more books... Entering August = entering real world. If you've been following me on Twitter or Instagram, then you know that I am actually relocating from Illinois to Minneapolis in just a couple of weeks for my new job. (!!!) Ah, it is so surreal. I want to try to document this transition into young adult life as much as possible on this blog. Hope ya don't get sick of me! Cheers! 


send out thank-you letters | My missions trip to Japan was only possible thanks to a huge support system from family members, friends, and my church. I bought a huge stack of stationary to send out hand-written thank you letters to all of the individuals who supported me. Gotta get this done ASAP! I'm already behind!

have a bonfire | Because, summer.

go on a picnic | See above.

create a japan scrapbook | It was a month that changed my life and I don't want to forget any of it. :) I want to create a scrapbook with some of my favorite verses and photos to really capture the memories.

develop photos | I have so many photos stored on my external hard drive that were never published, not even from Italy (!!!), and I want to print them all out to line my future walls.

continue 'if:equip' reading plan | If you don't know about IF or Jennie Allen yet, stop everything you are doing (including reading my blog) and click here. This is a community & resource I am so happy I discovered and don't know what I did without. It was a timely discovery, and immensely helpful into my re-entry back to the US. I love all of the womens' heart of the If community, and they press me more into Jesus daily.

donate old clothes | Purging my closet was a chore that was much needed. Like, yesterday.

buy furniture | Because real world apartments don't come fully furnished? Shocking, right? I know. It was for me, too. I need to get me some real couches, rugs, kitchen stools, and the whole shabang. Grown up toys. 

celebrate twenty two | Yup. Taylor Swift on repeat, please.

say goodbye | Cue sad music here. A huge part of moving also means saying goodbye. I've lived in Naperville for 10+ years. It's going to be bittersweet move. Sweet to begin a new exciting journey, sad to leave behind all of my best friends and loved ones. On the bright side, maybe this will call for one last summer bash, though? 

move to minnesota | Entering real world. 

XOXO: What about you? What are your goals for this month? Join the conversation!


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