Cheers to twenty.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I (finally) did it.

I left the teenage years behind, and entered my TWENTIES. (gasp) And what's a better way to enter such a prominent milestone than to enter it with a BAAAM and an imaginary crown on your head? Trick question. There isn't. So I did EXACTLY that. :) I wore a princess crown on my head for the entire month of August; and it was perfect that year twenty was also, in fact, my GOLDEN birthday. You know, turning 20 on the 20th. Dont judge. See crown. 

But really. People say turning twenty years old is a "bland" year because you're "CLOSE to being legal but still so far." And now that I've experienced it myself, I would tell those same people  that phrase means absolute crap.

Turning twenty is a milestone. For me, it was a day to reflect on the past 19 years of major growth, and to look forward into the next twenty with excitement. It was the end of the teenage chapter book; meaning it is time to stop acting and thinking like one.

It is no longer acceptable or appropriate to be catty with other girls, to let boys' define your identity, to expect your parents to pay for your parking tickets, to sleep through your alarm, to not budget financially; and unfortunately, to indulge in too much fast food because you WILL GET FAT NOW.

And turning twenty ALSO means to be bold in personal passions or aspirations (responsively). Blogging happens to be one of them. So I deleted the handful of meaningless posts that used to occupy this blog; and I now plan on replacing them with an immense collection of true, personal, colorful, and dynamic posts. (: Hopefully, turning twenty also means, sorry to sound like a broken record, keeping to my word, keeping to my commitments.

I want to commit to this blog. And this blog will not be for anyone else; not to impress, amuse, please, or influence. I will blog whenever I want, how often as I want, and about whatever I want. This blog will be for me— whatever that means, but it sure won't be about gaining a bigger audience. HOWEVER, if someone does happen to appreciate, enjoy, or relate to this blog, that would be an absolute wonderful bonus.

Game on, year twenty. You better believe I'm going to own it.

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