Thursday, August 8, 2013

If you're following me on Instagram, then you know that I recently spent a portion of my evening rummaging through a heap of scrapbooking supplies, trying to make some order in that mess. (Order, order, we must have order!)

And boy, was it a mess... Strings were all intertwined with each other and little scraps of paper got caught in the web. Old tape had somehow stuck to EVERYTHING forcing me to discard many unused sheets of card stock and fresh photos. Saaaad beeeeans.

Two episodes of "White Collar" later (My favorite Netflix show at the moment), you could finally see the floor of the room. (#littlewins!) I found an empty storage box that wasn't being used and kind of neatly/messily threw it all in there.

During the untangling and unsticking, I came across an old minibook that I had started my sophomore year! That was the year I first discovered diy-extraordinaire, ELISE BLAHA, and her collection of minibooks. I made my own, kind of stopped, never binded it, and left it alone... (Fun fact: I am AWFUL at finishing things I start. Probably the biggest lie I tell during job interviews.)

Thought I'd share what they look like.

And there you have it. :) This one was themed something along the lines of "firsts" via instagram photos.

Do you have any minibooks/scrapbooks/project life albums? Or do you have any advice on finishing crafts that you start?


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