Thursday, August 8, 2013


My favorite part about following design bloggers (besides the amount of inspiration it exudes) is: THE FREEBIES! Anything from fun greeting cards to organizational printables and especially new wallpapers are always a joy to come across as a reader. (: A few bloggers who always spit out designs that I enjoy and appreciate are DESIGN EAT REPEATDESIGN LOVE FEST and BREANNA ROSE. All the great work has inspired me to start creating and sharing my own! Starting today, I aim to create two new graphic and inspiring downloads for you each week. I think wallpapers are the perfect way to get my design fix when I'm itching to create, as well as share with you some of my favorite quotes and verses.

Today I'm kicking off the new series "happy download" with 5 super simple desktop wallpapers! I hope you enjoy and I'd love to hear if you chose one to download!

TO DO SO: Right click on the image and click on "open in new tab." This will allow you to access the image's full size. Once you are there, right click + save, or directly drag it onto your desktop. Then, make your wallpaper! 1, 2, 3! (:

Secret - sometimes what I do with desktop wallpapers I find is I print it out and tape it to my wall. I call it wall art. :) Feel free to do that with these, too.

^ Those four are my own original creations. Hope you like! I also wanted to share with you the desktop I am currently using which I found from DESIGN LOVE FEST. (below)


* ALSO! This is my FIRST original post exclusive to this blog. (YAY!) Please continue to follow along by subscribing to the email list on the right OR via my personal favorite, BLOGLOVIN. (:



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