Friday, May 2, 2014

Mother's Day is coming up and today is actually my mom's birthday, so I thought I'd dedicate today's post to our supportive, awesome, loving super-moms. (I think they are actually super heroes.)

This was her when she was younger. Wasn't she a beaut? She claims that she had a boy fawning over her in every state... I think I got my complete inaccurate sense of confidence from her

With each year that passes by, I realize more and more just how eerily correct my mom is about everything. Although at the time I always think my way is better, I find myself correlating many of my current problems to advice she offered years ago I should have taken (ex: my poor eye site, my poor spending habits, my inability to wake up in the morning, etc.) Let me give you a list.

Things my mom was right about:

- Cheese is good.
- Wear layers.
- Always offer to help.
- Go to sleep.
- Pick out your clothes the night before.
- Double check.
- Write a 'thank you' letter.
- Don't settle.
- You can do anything you want — if you just try.
- Don't sit so close to the tv.
- Don't date him.
- Don't date him, either.
- Don't spend that much money on a homecoming dress.
- Don't read in the dark.
- Stop touching your face.
- Don't sign up for an 8 am. You won't wake up.

I should have listened... Maybe I should start now? 


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  1. Beautiful post! You're mom is beautiful! She is lucky to have a daughter like you. :)


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