Monday, May 12, 2014

My roommates and I went on a spontaneous road trip last week to St. Louis to sightsee and visit Wash U campus for a day, and it was so fun. :) We wanted to go one last trip together as roommates and as seniors, but timing was never right. Originally, we were going to go on a Spring Break trip, but with my upcoming Japan missions trip, we didn't think it would be wise to spend that much money. 

Last week, classes ended and my roommates and I decided to take advantage of that before finals got too crazy. St. Louis was only a 3-hour drive away so we thought that would be a fun destination. (: The weather was beautiful so we walked around to see the arch, downtown, Wash U campus, and stopped by a few good eateries. Oh, and coffee shop. Always a coffee shop.


  1. You ladies are all so beautiful! Glad that you could go on a fun little trip!

    And, the blueprint coffee looks super fun!

  2. Ohh I have a craving for a road trip now! That would be the best thing ever! This looks like so much fun! :)

  3. lets discuss that blueprint coffee = LOVE their branding!
    and sounds like it was a blast girl! i love spontaneous things!


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