Thursday, April 24, 2014

My friend is a pharmacy student and is currently enrolled in a business course, which includes creating and developing a new business plan in the health sector. She came to me with a neat idea for a wellness center that offers natural and healthy food options and consulting. AVENEW: the avenue to a new you. She already had a mission statement and a vision in the works, and just needed some help with turning those concepts into concrete visuals. 

As I learned a bit more about AVENEW and its direction, I knew the branding had to reflect its beliefs in organic and simplicity. Royal purple was her only mandatory. I wanted the branding to be modern and personal, so I explored two different paths. Shown above. One is a bit more modern and clean, and the other is a bit more earthy and casual. I created three elements that could be included throughout, and ensured to capture simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. It was definitely a fun and stretching project, seeing it was my first stab at logos. :) 

My personal favorite was the one on the bottom right, but in the end, she decided to go with the one on the second right for her project. And the branding is done! :)


  1. She picked my favorite one!

  2. I think the top right is my favourite - it was a close call though their all really good :)

  3. this looks so great, jenny! i liked the bottom right as well :)

  4. girl you did fabulous! seriously all of them are stunning!

  5. Staying fit and healthy is a challenge for most people. So having a business that can help people achieve such results is a great idea. Did you pursue this project? I would love to know how it turned out. Cheers!

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match


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