Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Last week, I was home for spring break and made it a goal to step out of Starbucks to try some newer coffee shops. I'm sure glad I did. The two coffee shops I tried were River City Roasters in Downtown Wheaton and The Wormhole in Wicker Park.

Both shops were unique in their branding, interior design, and coffee making, but one thing was the same, their dedication to coffee. Good, good brew. Of course, I am the girl who drowns a cup with creamer and syrup, but hey, I can still appreciate a good cup of joe.

This week inspired me to begin visiting different coffee shops each time and making a coffee guide! Bottoms up. (:


  1. Gorgeous photos!! Loving this series. :)

  2. Starbucks isn't bad but I am seriously convinced that 90% of local coffee shops are almost better. lol. The local coffee shop here in Amarillo is called "Roasters" and it's soooooo good! way to step out! haha


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