Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy April, friends! :)

Many of my goals from March didn't happen so you'll see them repeated again this month. I was just busy wrapping up several personal projects, so I didn't get around to some of them but that's okay. Many other things were accomplished so I was happy to see these projects appear in April's list again. 

Here are my baby steps for April. I actually created a fun little goals sheet for myself because I'm super excited about this month — and I created a free printable for you, too! Download it for yourself, add your goals, post it up where you can see it! If it's right in front of you, you'll be more likely to remember and accomplish the goals. 

The one on the left is mine, and the one the right is for you! Just right-click it, press 'save', and print it! Easey-peasey. :) 

I'd love to see what your April goals are, as well. Feel free to comment below or send me a link to your own blog/instagram sharing your goals. We can keep each other accountable! Don't forget #coffeeandhoneycomb


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