Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Monday!
Since Mondays are the day I am dedicating to speak on all things professional, I thought I'd wait til today to share about my NYC trip!

I was in NYC for four days, will all expenses paid for through the American Advertising Federation (AAF). I mentioned it briefly here, but I was nominated as one of the 50 Most Promising Minority Students (MPMS) of 2014 in the country.
The intent of MPMS is to "help the workforce better reflect the multiculturalism of today's society by connecting the industry with the nation's top minority students." So, AAF sent us to NYC for a week of networking, interviewing, and industry immersion opportunities with industry professionals/companies. (taken from website.)
Prior to, I didn't really understand what would happen during the trip and didn't anticipate too much to since it was only four days long. But boy, was I so, so, so wrong. I learned, I networked, and I was inspired. What more could I ask for? It was exhausting with how much activity we did in such a short amount of time and the amount of information we were supposed to digest, but each night I went to bed fulfilled and excited. These people are so, so, so passionate with their trade—and that's honestly all I'm looking for. That's what gets my heart beating. It excites me to know that one day I'll work alongside such people. (:

While I was there, I had the chance to interview with 6 companies total; McCann, BBDO, Initiative, Hill Holiday, Wieden + Kennedy, and General Mills, along with a handful of informal interviews. The rest of the agenda was blocked for seminars and workshops addressing relevant topics like leadership types, confidence skills, diversity, women in the workplace, etc. Different companies also held Q&A panels and agency tours, so we could get a better peek into the working life. It was so great.

Here are some memorable quotes from the trip to leave you with...

"You're too smart to just be average at something."

"Do one thing a day that scares you."

"Don't just network, build relationships."

"Be curious."


I know I'm fortunate to have found a career that really excites me; and I know not all people want or need to be fulfilled with their career—and that's fine. (: To each their own. But I hope that wherever you are sitting, I hope this week you will strive to find more joy in your work today than yesterday. Work doesn't have to be your life or even a large chunk of it, but you CAN make 9 to 5 count. Seek another project that excites you. Ask your co-workers out for coffee. Hang a pretty poster in your office. Do anything and everything to make it count.

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  1. love. love. love this.
    sounds like you were challenged a lot - which is always awesome.


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