Monday, February 10, 2014

The week has finally arrived and I'm heading up to NYC for the AAF's Most Promising Minority Student Conference. It's going to be one amazing, chaotic, and life-changing week. A jam-packed itinerary is planned for every day of the week, and one of them is strictly reserved for interviews. Yes, eight hours of interviewing. Fifty (!!!) companies from around the country, and from all sorts of disciplines, will be there (Like CNN, Conde Naste, Razorfish, and Leo Burnett, just to name a few...) It's time to pull out the big guns. So far, I've revised, revised, and revised my resume, printed out 50+ copies, and ordered business cards. 

I'm still doing some interview prep + researching. If you're curious on exactly HOW to interview prep, here are some things I do:
- Research the company: annual reports, CEOs, recruiters, etc.
- Research the industry landscape: healthy, climate, trends, etc.
- Research the work the company has been cranking out. 
- Research common interview questions and type up answers
- Prepare stories and experiences to highlight (in the form of STAR: situation, task, action, result)
- Prepare questions to ask. 
- Prepare a 30-second thank you speech.

The internet is a beautiful thing for times like this. :)

So with all this madness going on, I won't be able to really dedicate time into blogging as I'd like to! :( I will be MIA for the week; however, I am leaving you in good hands! :) I asked some of my favorite blog friends to join Coffee & Honeycomb while I'm gone, and they have graciously accepted. These are some truly WONDERFUL ladies and I'm so excited for you to meet them. So keep checking back here during the week and be ready for new faces and new content. 

*Follow me to NYC by following me on Instagram (@jkfacee) if you aren't already! :) 

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