Friday, February 28, 2014

GARNIER FRUCTIS VOLUME EXTEND INSTANT BODIFIER DRY SHAMPOO: I just realized what a long name that is for a product. This is my secret weapon to how I can forgo a hair wash for four days. :) I don't like to wash my hair daily because it tends to dry out quickly (especially in this winter), so this product does wonders to keep my hair looking and feeling fresh for days. And my hair actually tends to look BETTER and receive more compliments on the third or fourth day without a wash. I've tried a variety of different dry shampoos before, drug store and salon, and they've always given my hair an odd scent, white residue, and costed a pretty penny. I like that Garnier is affordable, I can usually pick up a bottle of these for about $4 from a Walmart or Target. The only CON I really have about this is that as you get towards the bottom of the bottle, the product tends to dry white, so you either have to shake it really hard before spraying, or dab some water on your head.

MOROCCON OIL: I've been curling my hair a lot lately which is damaging my ends and giving it a really dull, dry appearance. So I recently added Moroccon oil into the routine a few months ago, and it has drastically improved the appearance of my hair. The oil locks in the moisture and gives it a nice shine. I just pour a dime-sized amount in my hand, rub in my hands, and comb it into my hair, transferring the product onto my strands. A little goes a long way this product. If you go too crazy, your hair can just look greasy, if you do it right, your hair will look brand new.

LOREAL SLEEK IT STRAND SMOOTHER SERUM-SPRAY: So this is the newest product of the bunch and I've only been using it for a few months now. I originally picked it up at a Target because it was inexpensive ($3) and wanted to try some preventative care with all the heat I was using. It also is supposed to help with humidity, frizz, shine, and silky texture. So I like that it works to do multiple things in one spray.

For my face, I use one face wash, one serum, and one moisturizer daily. I'm pretty lazy and don't like to take too long getting ready for bed or getting ready in the morning, so the less products I have to use, the better. Which is why I'm really happy about the three products I use now, because they really work without too much effort on my part.

PETER THOMAS ROTH GLYCOLIC ACID 10 PERCENT HYDRATING GEL: If I could have one face product for the rest of my life, it would be this—I cannot say enough good things about this it. I first discovered it after With Love, Ellyse included it in one of her "Favorite Products" posts last year, and I purchased it because I had a Sephora gift card. The price point is steep on this one (around $40) and I was skeptical at first, but now I am sold. This product consistently improves the texture and tone of my skin with each use. I have sensitive, acne-prone, and scarred skin, but the gel really aids all of it. I also find the price to be justifiable because not only does it deliver results, it lasts a long time. I am still on my first bottle which I bought back in August, use it day and night, and am just about to run out. So it can last you around 6 months!

CLEAN AND CLEAR OIL-FREE DUAL ACTION MOISTURIZER: I actually started using this product a year ago when I found it in my boyfriend's brother's bathroom. I needed to borrow lotion after the gym, so I tried it and I couldn't stop touching my face throughout the day. The lotion absorbed so quickly into my skin but it was strong enough to actually leave my skin feeling moisturized and soft. I also liked that it gave my skin a tingly, minty feel because it was refreshing. Sometimes I feel like the "good" lotions are perfumed, thick, or greasy, which are all things I really don't like, so I enjoy that this product seems to work but is so light-weight.

NEUTROGENA OIL-FREE ACNE STRESS CONTROL POWER-CREAM WASH (OR POWER-CLEAR SCRUB): I used to have frequent mild breakouts or at least a few bumps on my face at all times, but ever since I've used this face wash they've kept all acne at bay. The only times I really ever break out now are when I sleep without washing my makeup off or travel so my skin is adjusting to the water/pollution change. So I put cream/scrub both down cause I've tried both, and they're a bit different. I used to use the scrub for over a year, and I loved that it was reliable and exfoliated my skin, but because my skin was also sensitive, it always left my face a little red. I had to be very gentle when I used it in the morning because I didn't know how long it would take for the redness to fade away. I kept using it, though, because it literally prevented acne from emerging and healed ones that formed. In December, I noticed they had a cream in the same line, so I tried that one and I think I like it more because it is so gentle on my skin. I love the creaminess of it and it leaves my skin feeling buttery soft. I think I'd like to buy both and alternate using them, because I don't think the cream exfoliates as well as the scrub did.

And that's it for my favorite beauty products. :) I tried really hard to be concise (clearly it didn't work), but I just got really excited talking about these products because they've worked so well for me and want others to try them, too. So let me know if you have used these or plan on using them! I'd love to hear about it. :)


  1. Thanks for the recommendations! Dry shampoo really is a girls best friend!
    Glad to know there are others like me who go for days (and days) without a wash! :)

  2. I love reading about people's favorites, because it gives me new shopping ideas. :) I definitely want to try that dry shampoo because I have yet to find "the one" that works perfectly for me. I really want to try the PTR gel, too, because I love other products from him and this sounds like it might really work for my skin. Thanks for the great recommendations!

    xo Always, Abby

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