Tuesday, February 11, 2014

hello coffee + honeycomb readers!
i am so incredibly psyched to be invading jenny's space today. :)
she has been a true treasure in this blog world.
i'm constantly inspired and awed by her heart-felt words and fun internet finds.
it's always a blessing to come across genuine people - and jenny is one of them!


i'm amy and i blog over at taking steps home.
i ramble on about anything from faith, what things i'm crushing on etsy, fiction, and many other random things - isn't that what blogging is about? embracing the random. i think so.


today i wanted to share with you a recent DIY.
spring is right around the corner (once y'all northern folk's dig out of the snow!) which means PLENTY of bridal showers and bachelorette parties - am i right?
hosting parties can go one of two ways: incredibly fun or incredibly stressful.
really the tone is all up to you - the hostess.
:) so no pressure.

i feel like with pinterest, etsy, and the like there are so many incredibly options for invitations.
but what if you're running low on time and money?
you have to get creative.
so lets start this journey shall we?

what you will need:

+ blank invitation set (i got 50 invitation/envelopes from target for $10) 
+ glue (or a glue stick)
+ paint brush (optional, if you have a glue stick sweet, if not your finger could work too!) 
+ glitter
+ a good pen

how to:

+ look through pinterest/etsy and find an invitation that you like - or multiple ones to pull ideas from.
+ brush some glue on the top of the invitation
+ douse that junk in glitter
+ let dry
+ optional: sketch out your design with a pencil first if you're nervous
+ write out the invitation.
+ WALLAH! you're done! easy.
now you can have some confidence to make your own invitations!
and if you're worried about your handwriting - practice helps!
i am no pro when it comes to nice looking handwriting, i just do my best to not stress over perfection and while i'm watching tv doodle away. :)
it doesn't have to be perfect - just made with love!

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  1. Followed Amy over here! :) But now I know that I need to look around!!!

    Amy, love this idea! Your handwriting IS gorgeous! I had no idea you did it with a regular old pilot pen...Those are my favorite, but I never thought about using them for calligraphy.

  2. Super cute!! Such a great idea for a last minute invite. Who doesn't love a little glitter?

  3. These are so cute, Amy! Your handwriting is super cute, by the way! My handwriting is neat, but it's not cute at all. And I can only write tiny. If I try to write big then my handwriting looks like a little kid's, haha!


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