Friday, October 4, 2013

I think living out of our belovedness means to know and believe that God loves us — every part of us, all the time. 

I think we believe God loves us for the potential we have, or for those few and far in between times we act "obedient" and "lovable." I think we believe God loves us for who we will become, and that he is simply tolerating who we are now. 

And while it is true that God is pruning you and shaping you to be more like him and to have a heart that moreso resembles his, he loves you infinitely, now. Even at this exact moment. 

He loves you when a curse word slips out of your breath, or when you cheat on that hard exam, or when your thoughts are consumed with idolatry and bitterness. He loves you when you fall into yet another unhealthy relationship, when you oversleep, or when you talk back to your parents. He loves you when you're failing and everything you do seems to go wrong. He loves you then.

Not only does God love you in those moments, but he also loves you the SAME amount as when you THINK you are "obedient" and "lovable." Like when you're serving His children, reading the word, or practicing patience, His love is the same. His love is constant and unchangeable. 

Do you believe that? 

It's true — and not only true in the vaguest and most universal way, but also in the most unique and personal way to you. God's love is for you. You just gotta grab it. Not just once, not just twice. Not just on Sundays. But every day, every hour. Every time it seems the world is telling you you are not enough — not pretty enough, not smart enough, not good enough — that's when you need to grab it most.

Hush those worldly voices and listen to the one and only's voice that matters. Because every day, every hour, he is actively whispering love into your soul. Do you feel it?


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