Saturday, October 5, 2013

When we know we are loved by God, we can freely share the love onto others, too.

What does that look like?

I presume it looks a bit like this:

Share a little bit of your love, my friend,
Share a little bit of your love.
Share a little bit of your love, my friend,
And it will come back to where it began.
And watch it grow (watch it grow),
watch it grow (oh, watch it grow),
Watch it grow to where it touches every land.
Help it grow (help it grow), help it grow (oh, help it grow),
Help it grow by only reaching,
Reaching out to someone your hand.

We are now on day five of this series, and I realize it is SO, SO, SO difficult to blog daily. However, his mercies are new every morning.. and hopefully there will be EXTRA mercies for this new week! Oh Lawd have mercy. 

Happy Saturday, folks!

*See the entire series here.


  1. so fun! it is hard to find time to blog daily but you can also schedule posts for the future if you want! i do that a lot - sit down and write three posts when i have time and don't stress when i do not have the time :)

    new follower! found you through KIKI

    1. Beth. (: Kiki is wonderful, isn't she? I'm so happy you stumbled along here...

      And that is good advice! I should do that... Sometimes when I'm feeling the creative juices I whip up a few drafts and let them sit for a bit... I should definitely try scheduling posts!



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