Sunday, September 15, 2013

Closet organization is always tricky — especially when the size of the closet is not ideal. However, the smaller the closet, the more crucial good organization is. I thought I'd give a mini tour of what my closet entails to (hopefully) give you any kind of inspiration as you plan out yours.

Welcome to the closet. 

^ Tops, in the order of dark to white, from long sleeve to tank.

^ Everyday makeup. White/gold storage from the Target dollar section.

^ Close up of knits.

^ Purses and day dresses.

^ My makeshift vanity area.

^ Shelves organized and separated by knits, breezy skirts, colored jeans, and regular denim.

^ The daily necessities. / Most reached for pieces on display.

^ Empty frames I plan on putting up sometime in the near future.

^ Fresh flowers from the bf and a simple white frame from Ikea.

1 comment :

  1. yours is so organized!
    mine is currently a hot mess of BLAH haha.


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