Thursday, August 29, 2013

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It's been exactly ONE WEEK since I moved into my apartment!!! Woohoo. And no, that image above looks nothing like what my real apartment looks like, but isn't it so cute? I really like how the windows let enough light seep throughout the entire living area.

Things I love about my apartment:

  • I'm a 10-minute walking distance from all my classes so I don't need to rely on a bus schedule to get to where I need to be. The weather has also been extremely nice lately, so the morning walk just puts my day to a great start. :) I think over the past year I grew really accustomed to walking everywhere because of Europe and my Chicago commutes.
  • There is a Starbucks conveniently located three blocks away. (which is where I am right now typing awaaaay)
  • My parking spot is LITERALLY as close as it gets to my apartment complex. (PTL for that because I definitely waited to the last minute to buy a parking pass.)
  • The huge amount of space. There is so much room my roommate and I plan on having many spontaneous dance parties... And one of my roommates plan on doing many spontaneous cartwheels... Which is kind of weird... But she can! Because there is THAT much space. 
  • The hardwood floors. Lurv it.
  • The kitchen bar. It's spacious enough for all three of us to sit and do work at the same time. There's also a nice light fixture right above it which makes the area feel brighter than it really is. The best part? It's an arms reach to all the food. #winner
^ Maybe I should have made this a 10 things I love about my apartment... Whateva.

The whole place isn't quite fully furnished yet, and we don't have an entertainment center or a kitchen table. I think that's what makes the apartment still feel so new each time I walk in. It doesn't look lived in. It doesn't feel really cozy either. Maybe I should I throw in a welcome mat... 

My room isn't fully furnished yet either, but I'm really enjoying having a room to myself. :) This is the first time in four years I'm not sharing a room with someone, and while I LOVE having a roommate, it's nice to have absolute control over every inch and corner of your space. (i'm a wittle bit of a control freak.) 

Anyway, the room didn't come with a desk, so I'm planning on picking one up from Ikea when I go home this weekend. I really appreciate a solid work space because I tend to do a good amount in my room. I need a lot of desk space for books, the laptop, writing utensils, and a big mug of coffee (of course.) I also like to have different bits of inspiration around me to keep me motivated and productive. I try to throw up different bible verses, encouraging quotes, colors combos, photos, etc. Once the desk comes in, I want to make a montage of different wall art to keep that area inspiring.

Here are some things on Pinterest I found that I want to replicate...

^ Aren't these spaces just INVITING you to create something?

What does your workspace area look like? I'd love to see more inspiration. 


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