Monday, August 12, 2013

Hope your day has been filled with bottomless coffee, fulfilling work, and obedient hair. (:

This is the first Monday in awhile that I didn't wake up early and go to work. In fact, I did quite the opposite — I woke up at 2:30 p.m. and started my day from there (Yikes.) The night before, I attended a farewell BBQ for one of our church friends who was moving back to Korea and got home pretty late. It was a really good time, complete with grilling, sushi, and cake! YUM.

His flight was this morning and he wanted to pull an all-nighter so he could sleep during his 14-hour flight (and aid the jet lag once he arrived,) so after the BBQ started to fade out around 10 p.m., a bunch of us non-working friends went to do Korean karaoke in Niles! It was a blast. If you've never tried karaoke Korean style, I encourage you to put that on the top of your bucket list. They rent out private rooms, ranging in sizes to accommodate your party, decked with a tv screen, tamborines, and microphones so you and your friends can sing your hearts out — without stage fright! They're usually open really late at night (like, 3 a.m.) for the night owls. After we sang three hours worth of Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and FUN., we made our way over to Steak & Shake to grab some late night milkshakes! I ended up coming home when the sun was rising, 6 a.m., and passed out into the late afternoon. (I'm still feeling pretty lethargic.) 

When I woke up, I headed over to Starbucks to clear out my inbox and of course, blog. I wanted to share with you guys new arm candy that the bf bought me for an (early) birthday gift! Over the weekend, we decided to go eye shopping at Tiffany's and passed by J.CREW along the way. And of course, I made us peep in. I spotted these colorful, bold bangles there that immediately caught my eye and I fell in love! I thought I'd treat myself to one, so I grabbed the colors that I liked and contemplated which one to get. The bf asked me if I liked all of them and said, "don't choose. Let's get 'em all. Birthday present part one." I, gladly, did not oppose. (What a guy. This is why I keep him around. He keeps me smiling for days.)

Here they are! They are beautiful! Gold on the rim and gold in the inside. That makes me happy. Very Kate Spade-esque, no? Happy early birthday to me! :) 



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