Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yesterday, we talked about beauty and how to be more confident and forgiving of ourselves. We also looked at the bible to see what it had to say.

How are you feeling today? (If you missed yesterday's post, click here.)

In the spirit of our discussion, I thought a fun application would be to share some love and beauty to the people around us! I mentioned the power of affirming words — so let's tell our friends how beautiful they are. I whipped up some "you are beautiful" cards you can print out and give to your friends.

The printable includes two 3.5 x 5 inch cards total, with the ability to print off as many copies as you like! They also fold in half so you can include a little note inside. (:

HOW TO DOWNLOAD: Right click the image above and click on "open in new tab." You will then have access to the full image. From there, right click and save to your computer. It should save as a .png file. Then, click print! Easy peasey.

Have fun!
Will you be sending love & beauty to someone today?


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