Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break was this past week and I celebrated with some girlfriends in Spain! We started in Barcelona, stopped by Valencia to catch the end of the Las Fallas festival, and then made our way to our final destination, Madrid. It was nice to escape the rain in Italy and be surounded by the sun and palm trees of Spain. It wasn't quite hot enough to jump into our bikinis, but there were some days we dozed off on the beach. I guess I really shouldn't complain about weather though to friends back in the midwest. I heard there was a terrible snow storm last night?! Glad you were at least rewarded with a snow day though, right? (:

I have one week of "normalcy" AKA staying home in Verona, and then next week is Easter vacation. Starting Sunday, I'll be in Greece! Pretty much everyone from my program made reservations at the pink palace in Corfu. It's supposed to be this fun-loving resort that provides living accommodations, breakfasts/dinners, group activities like booze cruises, snorkeling, beach volleyball, and more IMPORTANTLY, one complementary pink toga for each guest. (: I know, that alone sold me.

I'll try to squeeze in posts of my adventures in Paris, London, and Spain before I head off!

* side note: I have exactly five weeks and five days left in europe, and then it's back to the states! man, how FAAAST did time fly! i also do have exciting plans for this summer. starting june, i'll be interning at the chicago office of HAVAS WORLDWIDE through the 4A's MAIP program. not only will I be in the office +40 hours a week, I will also fly to NYC twice this summer to attend ceremonial dinners, participate in weekly seminars, and be a new member of the MAIP network. i'll be trading easy italian gelato for starbucks coffee, walks on cobblestone streets for rides on the metra, and 4-hr lectures for 8-hr work days. as much as i want time to just slow down right now so i can milk each and every experience while here, i'm also ecstatic and ready to be in a regular workflow. ready to be consumed with conversations on consumer behavior and insights, brainstorm sessions with our feet up and take-out in hand, late nights before big pitches, preparing research decks and documents... i'm ready to be in my element. but again, italy, don't take it the wrong way and slip out of my hands quite yet. (;

i think this is what growing up starts to look like.

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