the curse of instagram (and how my phone was stolen)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Date: March 2, 2013 | London

I decided not to carry a purse that day because I didn't need much. Just my coin purse, cell phone, and lip balm. And my camera, but that usually hangs around my neck.  I was wearing a green utilitarian jacket with button pockets, and so I figured it'd be safer to throw in the items and button the wallets, versus carrying an almost empty purse. (Mistake number one.)

And the plan worked, for majority of the day, at least.

We walked around London -- King's Cross, British Museum -- and while the sun was still up, we made our way over to Camden Market. Since it was a rather crowded area (pic) I was even extra cautious of my belongings and aware of how close I was standing with people. My phone would sometimes end up in my hands and out of my pocket just to snap a few pics or use the calculator app to convert pounds to dollars. We listened to live music, made googly eyes at Starbucks, snapped pics near the river front, and found ourselves at the food market. Our favesies. Stands on stands on stands PLUS free samples. And at that moment, is when I completely lost all reservations and awareness of the possibility that evil pick-pocketers could be lurking in my vicinity. It was just me, my camera, and the food.

Tunnel vision.

I went from stand to stand, both hands remained glued to my camera, determined to capture every bubble of jam and steam escaping the rice pot. I was at the fourth stand when I realized this was TOTALLY instagram-worthy and I just had to not only share it on Facebook, but to my fellow Instagram friends, as well. So I reached my hand into my left pocket to grab my iPhone, and all my hand came back with was a wrinkled sugar packet and lint. And after I checked every pocket and retraced my steps 30 times, I faced the fact that some evil man took advantage of my vulnerability and appreciation for food, and snuck his hand into my unbuttoned pocket, taking my iphone away with him forever.

And on that day, I vowed to never instagram or eat food as tribute to my kidnapped iphone.

Just kidding.

Another lesson learned: Find my iPhone SUCKS and Apple should really come up with a more genius way to resolve stolen phone issues.

Anyway, so then, my superhero of a mom persuaded AT&T to send us a new iPhone for only $99, as opposed to the original marketed price of $399. I got my phone two weeks later when a friend came to visit. I had my phone for EXACTLY four days before it was to be stolen again.

My second day in Spain, we were resting on the beach when this shady man came up to us with a green grocery bag asking to buy whatever shady foreign objects were in his green bag. We all curtly said no but he kind of lingered for a little bit, and finally when he got the message that we didn't want his foreign objects, he walked away. And I noticed my phone wasn't where I left it. We searched all our purses, dug through the sand, and came to the conclusion that that evil man must have taken it. We walked along the shore to find the same man, but noticed that the same green bag, the only indicator we could use to trace this man, had been tossed to the curb.

So that is the story how my iphone was stolen twice. My parents enrolled me for insurance after the first incident, so we were able to replace the stolen iphone for a much cheaper price. I just received that phone today! (: And I will never let it out of my sight again.


  1. Oh my!! Third time is a charm for sure. I can't even laugh my heart sinks for yous. But at least you have another. Iphone now has something to stop the phones from being activated once stolen.

    1. hahahaha thank you so much for your empathy!!! :) it is much appreciated. and woah i did not know iphone created that! i think that's a smart idea.


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