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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When I was in London last week, I kept coming back to the same conclusion. And it is this. (I suggest you go ahead and grab a pen and paper. To take notes. You ready?)
London thinks jeans are overrated.

Deep stuff, right? I know, I know. You're welcome for that epiphany.

Everyone in London is stylish and beautiful and should be on the cover of a magazine. So if my camera and map in hand didn't give away my tourist status, my lack of long legs and flowy hair probably did. And ladies? If you are single, SAVE YOURSELF. Because your husband is out there waiting for you... in London. And he has a chiseled jaw and perfect hair and he wears a suit. And he has an accent.

Back to clothes. So I decided to start doing "street style" posts to really gather, archive, compare and contrast all the different fashion I've been seeing across Europe, and now UK. I took majority of the photos with my iPhone to be a bit more incognito, but then my phone was stolen and along with it, the photos. :( Whateves, life goes on. I tried to snap some pics with my not-so-small DSLR.

London style:

  • No one really wears jeans. It's all about leggings, tights, or leather. Complete with a pair of city flats or wedges.

  • Invest in a nice pea coat. Because that will make the world of a difference.

  • Accessories? Sunglasses, leather gloves, shoes.

  • Messy hair, don't care. It's WINDY in London so everyone's hairstyle is bed head, messy buns, or loose waves

I think next time I'm just gonna go up to ladies/men in nice outfits and ASK for their permission before I take their photo. Til then, here are some pics of people who grabbed my attention and have absolutely no idea their image is floating on the world wide web.


IMG_4694 IMG_4695  IMG_4697 IMG_4714 IMG_4715 IMG_4722 IMG_4735 IMG_4746^ How creepy is THAT one??

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