In the spirit of Christmas...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I made holiday cards.

But wait — there's more! I decided to share my handmade holiday cards to whomever would like to receive one! THAT MEANS YOU! (For free, of course. I would never charge for these cards — I know they're not etsy-worthy, but I do know it's always fun to receive free goodies in the mail.)

So, thank you to those who find time in their busy lives to read my word vomit that is this blog. This is my 'thank you' in its sincerest form.

The cards shown have already been handed out, but if you like what you see — or like something else entirely — let me know, and I'll do my best!

If interested in receiving a holiday card, please follow these easy-peasy steps (open to all strangers, friends, and frenemies):
1. If you are not already, subscribe to my blog. Again, this is more or less a 'thank you' to them.
2. Email me with your name, address, and card idea.
3. I will handcraft your card with love + ship it to your doorstep.
4. Once you receive your letter, take a photo with it! I'd love to hear/see your responses.

* If you respond after the 22nd, I will most likely NOT have your card ready by the 25th. If that doesn't bother you, then I will gladly still make one!

Let the holiday festivities begin!

What are you doing in the holiday spirit?


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