Gossip Girl: Finale Re-Cap

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


(Spoiler Alert.)

Bravo, GG writers, bravo.

I'm going to be brutally honest and say that this past season was horrible. Random twists that were more unbelievable than entertaining, introductions of new awkward characters, cheesy and overdramatic plot lines, and the list continues. However, tonight's finale was pretty flawless. I was curious to see how the writers were going to save themselves from this downward spiraling doom they were falling in, but again — bravo.

First, Dan's reveal as Gossip Girl. Did anyone else's jaw DROP when they heard the news? My mind was suddenly filled with: wait, how does that make sense if... what, there must be a loophole... does that make dan a genius or uber desperate... wait let me re-wind that scene. Even that revealing, was perfection. I loved the flashback of the junior high birthday party. I loved Dan's recollection of Serena coming back from boarding school, his take on the in-crowd. I loved how they brought back the old cast— Vanessa, Juliette, etc.— and their reaction to the news. I loved that Dan gave the news to Nate, so Spectator could be the first to spill. I loved that he paused when Blair + Chuck got in an accident.

2. And, I loved that Serena forgave him. One of my favorite quotes -- "It was a love letter." Okay, I don't remember what it was and didn't want to fudge it, so there's the skeleton of it. But it was when Serena is trying to defend Dan! And she's right. Gossip Girl was, at its core, a love letter to Serena. An honest one. The one Serena could appreciate -- one that gave her the attention she desperately sought, the one that pushed her when she needed motivation, and the one that gave her confidence when appropriate . And the only one Dan could write. I'm really a #TeamBlair, but Serena was okay in this episode.

3. Serena in a wedding dress. As much as I hated her for the majority of this show — hated how she was so dumb and always joined the wrong side of the argument, wore a piece of fabric for clothing, had more boyfriends than the amount of shoes she owns, her constant innocent act, her daddy issues, and her inability to understand Blair — her beauty is undeniable. And she made a beautiful bride. (:

4. Team Blair. Team Blair. Team Blair. And her happy ending that she deserves. And her kid. And Chuck.

5. Chuck in his white suit. One word. Dashing. That's all.

Monday nights will not be the same.


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  1. My favourite part was Mayor Bloomberg, who was just sure it was Dorota. Hah love.


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