December Goals

Monday, December 17, 2012

I know, I know.

I'm late by 17 days.
(^ Words of every sexually active boyfriend's nightmare.)

Just kidding.

But the first few weeks of December were not a pretty time. Finals + projects + papers — sleep = DEATH. If I were to blog in any of the moments, it would have probably read something like this...

  • "I hate my life."

  • "I ate 18 cookies today."

  • "I need more coffee."

  • "I missed my 9am."

  • "Where is the nearest window I can jump off?"

  • "Can you wake me up in 5 minutes? I'm gonna take quick nap."

  • "I give up."

  • "I hate my life."

Not joking about this one.

HOWEVER, I AM DONE Y'ALL. (: I officially finished last Friday and moved out on Sunday (yesterday). So I am writing to you from home sweet home in my bed infested with dog hair and feathers from my down blanket. Not such a pretty sight, either. So happy bear is me. (:

I guess the title for this post should be "Winter Break Goals."

  • BLOG EVERYDAY. This time, I'm for cereal. I have no excuse not to blog. And my fingers are just itching away to write a novel from blog withdrawal.

  • Get my student visa. (Ps. I'm not going to Belgium anymore, I'm going to ITALY! And in less than 3 weeks. January 3rd, to be exact. So let's add travel woes to my categories then. I promise my posts will be more excited and filled with photos of pretty scenery, not plastic black babies.)

  • Say good bye to friends and family.

  • Wake up BEFORE 10 am.

  • Send out XMAS gifts on time.

  • Make Christmas cards.

  • Apply for scholarships.

  • Apply for summer internships.

  • Pack for Italy.

  • Don't gain 50 pounds.

  • Read my bible.

And that's all she wrote. Hold me to these, guys.

What are your goals for Winter Break?

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