Tuesday, September 22, 2015


This is my first blogpost as a married woman, as Mrs. Park. 

I'm still trying to let that reality sink in. Someone pinch me, please. 

E and I got married on September 12th, so it's already been 10 days since the wedding. Time is moving way too fast, if only we could rewind + press pause on those magical moments. The entire day was like a dream — beyond perfection from the weather to the ceremony to the aesthetic. Every little detail was reflective of what E and I hoped it would be; elegant, intimate, simple, authentic. AND FUN. From getting ready with all of my girlfriends, running around during the photo shoot, practicing our grand entrances, and letting loose on the dance floor. Hands down, most fun day of my life. To have all of your friends and families cheering you on as you marry your best friend and gathering together to worship and celebrate was the most incredible experience. Not to mention wear a gorgeous white dress is a little girl's dream. 

I was... Overwhelmed with how much love was present that day. I remember when I first started planning, my mentor told me that out of all the weddings she attended in her lifetime, the most memorable and beautiful were the ones when it was obvious God's hand was present. And I'm thankful for the opportunity to understand first-hand what that means and looks like now; to feel God pour His blessings, to be reminded how much God enjoys a wedding and even once turned water into wine (or in our instance turned a rainy forecast into a beautiful sunny day), and ultimately how much God loves his bride. Praying and praying for more joy and love for a lifetime of marriage ahead of us.

After the wedding, E and I went to Jamaica (respect, mon!) for our honeymoon to enjoy our first week as newlyweds. TOTAL FREAKING BLISS.  Bliss, I tell you. We used Costco Travels to book our trip which made the entire shabang so affordable. I would highly recommend Costco Travels for any future vacations. Our honeymoon stay was also a once-in-a-lifetime experience; romantic, relaxing, and exciting thinking about how this adventure is ours forever. We stayed at Couples Resorts Tower Isle and while it was our first all-inclusive experience, we will most definitely be going back (and hopefully bringing along our parents or couple friends!) For five days we took full advantage of room-service, gourmet dining, unlimited drinks, the spa, and water activities. I can't wait to gush more about the wedding and honeymoon trip (as well as have #realtalk about the stress and finances of planning no one tells ya) but til then, enjoy these instapics! 

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  1. Congrats! I just got married at the end of August and it really is the best! I loved our wedding day for the exact same reasons you mentioned! You looked gorgeous!

  2. Congratulations Mrs. Park! ;) all of your photos are absolutely gorgeous! I love them! I am getting married next June and seeing all of your pictures makes me that much more excited, if that's possible! :) thank you for sharing!

  3. Congrats on your wedding! You made a beautiful bride! May God continue to bless you and your new husband on this new chapter :)

  4. Your pictures are so beautiful! Looks like a perfect day!

  5. Congratulations!! Enjoy newlywed life to the max!

    i <3 this post!
    and it sounds like you wedding, and your marriage will be completely God honoring!
    also, those pictures *swoooon*

  7. Just found you through the Peony Project, and let me first say, I LOVE your blog! And amen to #realtalk when it comes to weddings. Yes, it's magical. Yes, it's sacred. Yes, it's beautiful and unforgettable. But there is also stress and guest lists and $$$ (And the occasional ambulance. Or was that just me?). So glad you and your husband are settling in well together!

  8. Congratulations! Love it! So happy for you two! Weddings are great.
    Also, those pictures. Wow.


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