Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I haven't shared too much about my Etsy shop on this blog before, but there's a couple of exciting things I'm planning so I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek and ask for your opinion! :)

2015 planners are already releasing, so I wanted to try to take a stab at it myself — with my own twist! Everybody who knows me knows I am addicted to planners (and pretty much all things stationary.) To me, a good planner is one that is both functional and reflective of his/her personal style. I used a Moleskine for all four years in college and it was great for school. There was room for daily to-do's, and extra space to doodle and jot down any inspiration that came my way! There are all sorts of planners out there these days (and these Simplifed Planners totally catch my eye), but there was never really a type for other thoughts I wanted to get down... 

So I created a weekly planner where you can put pen to paper the stuff not only in your head, but also in your heart and soul. A place where you can pause after a long week of crossing things off your checklist, paying your bills, and running errands, so you can let your soul breathe for a minute. Reflect, re-evaluate, and process that whirlwind of a week you just went through. Because whether you feel accomplished or exhausted or a complicated combination of both, you were made for so much more than grocery lists and errands. At least that's what was going on in my heart for awhile - and I don't think I'm alone. 

Planners are so great, and while I will always be a huge advocate for them, I know I tied myself to productivity and accolades for a long time, and I learned there is more to life than making lists and making plans. So in the small spaces of white in my journal, I started scribbling more than how to wring out more minutes in a day or more responsibilities to add to my plate. I started writing about the status of my soul... Things I was thankful for, like the tips I received at work and the spontaneous dinner date my roommates and I had, things I was learning, things I wanted to start praying for, and also bible verses or quotes that inspired me. I did that for about 6 months or so, and it really changed my perspective of work, life, and friendships... And the other day I thought — hey, why not make a planner for this?! 

So I did. Err, at least I'm trying. :) From the desk of Coffee & Honeycomb, here is a [working] draft of what it looks like thus far! I wanted to give you all a sneak peek. What do you think? Would you use something like this? What other colors would you like to see? Is there another "space" in the planner I'm missing? Please, please, please share your thoughts because I would love to hear them!

Speaking of all things Etsy, the Etsy swap is back on! Bloggers Amy from Taking Steps Home and Megan from Rivers and Roads are hosting their third Etsy swap — and you can be a part of it, too. I just signed up for it and I'm so, so, so excited to participate. I've never been part of a swap before, but snail mail and etsy is TOTALLY my jam so I'm all in. I hope you are, too! Who knows, maybe I'll be your secret sender. ;) The rules are really simple and you can find them, as well as frequently asked questions, over at either of their blogs. You have until the 17th to sign! Hope to see you there.



  1. love the day planner design! i'm SUPER picky about my day planner and have used a certain brand for a few years (sugar paper from target) but i'm always looking at new layouts haha.
    and YAY i'm so gald you're participating in this round of etsy swap!

  2. Jenny you are so talented and creative!!! if i ever get married, i'm going to have you do my wedding invites haha

    1. hahahaha thanks so much, Nina! :) And oh my gosh, yes. Call me. I would be so up for it.

  3. Those look great!! and I'm excited for the Etsy Swap, too!!


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