Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I haven't shared too much on More Love Letters after this post, but I wanted to update you all regarding this really exciting Valentine's Day campaign we started this week. It would also mean the world if you joined in on the fun! I know many of you are like me and you live for this kind of stuff... you know, any opportunity to create, to write, to inspire, you relish it. Am I right? if so, this is definitely for you...

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, this year, we want to count down the days with intentional love lettering to the people all around us. 

This is the "Ten Days of Love" Challenge. 

- Refer to the daily prompt (see photo above) to discover the letter recipient of the day. (We want to make sure we cover everyone with love!) 
- Grab your boldest pen of choice, a colorful pad of stationary, and your best handwriting. 
- Start writing—use the list as inspiration and write to the name who immediately comes to mind. You can make this letter long, short, personal, or anonymous, whatever you wish. This letter is completely yours, we won’t tell you how to love!
- When you’re done, give the letter to the recipient. We know, we know—this is the scary part. But you can do it. We believe in you and we are right there with you. Let’s be bold together and fill the world around us with more love. This world needs more love letters.
- Lastly, this is the fun part. Share your letter with us. Take a photo (it can be of the actual letter, you writing it, the pens you used, etc.) and post it on your Facebook and tag UIUC Campus Cursive OR you can message it directly to us and we will post it anonymously. *Include the hashtag #TenDaysofLove and like our FB page, too!

- Share this movement with your friends! :) Share the link, like our page, grab your friends and make it a letter writing party! You could be part of a movement. 

This is day one. I'll be posting daily gifs as inspiration and friendly reminders! :0

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email or check out our Facebook page here!

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