Thursday, January 23, 2014

A few weeks ago, I served as a small group leader at a midwest young adult conference, OIL. It was a four-day retreat themed, "deep and wide," challenging all to let the gospel soak—deep into our hearts, and wide onto our communities. Great pastors, theologists, social justice activists, and faithful-regular-Joe's were brought from all over the country to speak. 

I can't spit out all four days worth of goodness to you, although boy if I could I would, here are a few convictions and lessons learned. These are the things I can't shake off my bones–I hope it blesses you. (: 
Be faithful where you are now. Even if what you currently do is not a permanent or enjoyable situation, know that God is sovereign and has sovereignly placed you in this season and this context. Do not limit your situation to be a mere stepping stone. Trust in God's timing and learn to be faithful. "You have been faithful with a little things; I will put you in charge of many things." Matthew 25:23.

Jesus was the first missionary in the world and we can learn a lot by his example. It says that Jesus dwelled, and as ambassadors of Christ, the way we do missions, whether it's in a different country or at work or at our home, we, too, need to rub shoulders with the people in our lives. This means we learn and understand their culture; we dwell with them. We should not stick to our own kind, running from prayer meeting to service to small group, but enter into darkness to be the light.

Don't it sound sweet? You can find more about it here

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