Friday Five.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Random highlights of this week:
IMG_4807Bath time — Reunited with my two pups. (: Meet Bori and Lucky.
During prayer meeting, one of my favorite little girls, Ana, came up to me and slid me a note. I turned it over and it said "pray" with a little drawing to accompany it. Preshhhhhhh. She only 8 and she so HOLY, that's pastor kids for you. 


(Lovingly) forced the boyfriend to do all these random things that he didn't want to do. Like bake!
Back in the good ol' Nissan Altima again. I've been popping in old mix CD's that I made in high school. Definitely a throwback.

photo 2Catching up with good friends over breakfast and coffee!


Happy Friday! May your weekend be filled with good people and good conversations that encourage you, and carry well into the week. XO.

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