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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

If you haven't noticed, I'm blogging frequently now.

Sometimes once a day, others twice. And the blog posts aren't long. They're short. My thoughts are short, often, so it just regurgitates all here. White space gets filled with topics on everything— television, fashion, faith— and in no organized matter. Whatsoever.

But I think that's okay. And I think that's just how I am as a person.

Random. Short-lived. I jump around interests faster than Jimmy Johns delivers my un-whiches at 1 am.

From scrapbooking to photography to football to instagram, I jump around grabbing random sparks of inspirations anywhere I can get. Sometimes I get bored quickly, and other times I hold onto those moments of inspiration forever.

But the reason I've been blogging more is because it came to my attention that my writing skills are rusty.

I mean, I can write papers and I can deliver analysis. And I can spit out real-time updates in 140-characters or less. (Cheers, my Twitter friends.) But what I struggle to do and aim to do better; is put language to the reality of my life and who I am. Ask me how I'm doing or what motivates me or what my favorite coffee tastes like? Game over. Allow me to stumble over my words, sprinkle in a lot of "um" and likes" in a direction towards doom.

So, how do I say what I mean in a very concise and entertaining matter that is relevant to the reader? They say practice makes perfect. So here I am trying to practice... a lot.

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