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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm a little behind, though. Season two is on air so I try hard to stay away from discussions on the lastest episode. (ex: OMG VICTORIA DIED!)


Guys, while I do love our mutual appreciation for the same television show, I'm still on season one. Let me catch up! Those are the days I feel like social media stabs me in the back.

My roommate introduced me to this show two weeks ago and it happened to be on Netflix so I checked it out
 and watched 4 episodes straight in one setting. I'm obsessed. It's not bad. Each episode is about 45 minutes long and I'm already on episode 26. Where did all that time go.

If you like mystery, romance, and good-looking rich people, then this show is for you.

What's your favorite show? Share here.


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