Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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As much as I appreciate paper and being able to physically hold design in my hands, E and I made the decision to send our wedding save the dates electronically. While a physical save the date would have been so nice, we decided it was a "want" more than  'need" and we put the money toward something else.(Envelope and stamps are not cheap, people.) However, that was not going to deflate my design dream or make me settle on a mediocre save the date. I still wanted the flexibility to design the card and make it a personal or memorable experience for each recipient. It was a big deal to me to officially announce to our guests that E and I were getting married and an honor to share it with people. :) So, when we discovered GreenEnvelope, we were thrilled. Surprisingly there aren't many services available that offer full design customization and electronic capability as I was looking for, but GreenEnvelope did exactly the trick (plus more!)

Side note: if you are planning to send physical save the dates, I would HIGHLY recommend Minted which offers so many great options and designs.

For those also planning to send out e-save the dates, I highly recommend considering GreenEnvelope. Here are three reasons why:

When first creating your save the date, you have the option of either uploading your own design (cha-ching for me), selecting one of their premade templates, or working with one of their online designers to create the work for you. Depending on how much control you want over the aesthetics, GreenEnvelope should have a simple solution for you.

Not only do you customize the actual save the date card, but GreenEnvelope' replicates the entire experience to one similar of opening a physical save the date. You choose the envelope color, envelope lining, and background; while it virtually opens in front of you like a real card! There are also options to include additional information if interested: a song, photos, wedding website, etc.

This was my favorite part of using GreenEnvelope. The portal has an advanced guest list dashboard allowing you to store guests by families and/or association, as well as give you visibility over open rate, messaging, etc. Take a look.

What are your thoughts on electronic save the dates? What services do you recommend?

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