Monday, July 28, 2014

It's been hard to blog consistently these days, because I've been so caught up with apartment hunting. I'm moving to Minneapolis in exactly one month, and I'm trying to confirm plans quickly! This is my first time moving out of state and on my own, so there's just more factors needed to be considered, making the process a bit longer. But once I do settle on a place, I can't wait to share about it. here. 

I wanted to take a break from japan talk, and show of glimpse of what else my life has looked like this summer. The other day I was organizing photos on my iPhone and I resurfaced some shots from a trip E and I took in June I never shared. We visited MN to check out the city for the first time, and on the way, we made a pitstop to Madison and enjoyed lunch there. It was our very first time in Madison and we found it to be absolutely lovely. There were so many unique food trucks, people walking around the streets, and just a nice bustle to the city.

^ E packed me food for the 6hr. drive! Grilled chicken, green beans, rice, and siracha. He knows me.
^ We ate lunch at Graze, a restaurant known for cooking and serving only local foods, so everything was fresh and delicious. Plus, a majority of the lighting was all natural with floor to ceiling windows. Definitely recommend this one.

E & I haven't been on too many road trips, but long car rides are our favorite. Always filled with good conversation, odd games that we make up on the spot, coffee, and massive amounts of food. (: Definitely want to add more road trips on our bucket list. 


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