Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I haven't shared a "baby steps" post in awhile, and although we are already half-way through March, I wanted to take a beat to share how I can be more intentional for the rest of the month. Life was so busy with job interviews, trips, presentations; and today I finally had a huge chunk of time to myself to just be. It was GRAND. I took my time cooking a meal, and took even longer to eat it. I (finally) cleaned my room so that the floor was visible, and rearranged some furniture. New vibes. Now here I am sharing March's baby steps. Ya ready? :)

This is March's baby steps: 

NEW SERIES | I have two series ideas in the works, and I want to implement one of them this month! They are both completely inspired and aligned to my blog name, coffee & honeycomb, each in different ways. (: I'm so excited to share them with you. The first one is "coffee in photos" which I actually posted on recently, but I thought it would be fun to share fun photos of coffee each week! The second series idea is actually a guest post series, which I will announce in the near future. Meanwhile, if you happen to find any crisp coffee photos, please send them my way. (:

ETSY | I plan on opening an Etsy shop! Nothing too fancy, just digital downloads of graphics/prints.

INVITATION | I will be designing a wedding invitation! My friend's older sister, as well as my mentor, is getting married this summer and asked if I'd be up for the job. :) I excitingly agreed. I've never designed a wedding invitation, so this will be a fun but scary venture for me. 

2 WATER, 1 COFFEE | This is a step towards healthiness. I drink way too much coffee, and not enough water. So I have decided to start a new habit of drinking two cups of water for every cup of coffee I drink! That way, I don't have to forgo my coffee habits. Win, win?

BIG NEWS | I have big news... I want to muster up the boldness to share it with y'all this month.

LENT | It is the season of lent. :) What am I giving up? Television. I know my tv habits can be excessive at times, especially when I want to turn my brain off or hide away from problems, so for forty days, I want to be intentional with turning off the tv and turning in more towards the word. I am excited for what is in store for my soul, time, and relationship with the Lord as I do this! *Confession: I did watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy last night because I had a free hour to do and felt at peace with doing it. For me, lent is less about just meeting a goal and more about depending more on Jesus instead of tv. I want lent to be steps toward life transformation, and I never think cutting off something completely is always healthy, so if I can watch an episode of tv here and there without turning it into a full on marathon, I think that's okay. :) I'll share again if my thoughts change on this. 

What are your thoughts on the lenten season? What does your March look like? :)

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  1. First of all, I stumbled upon your blog just now and I'm super glad I found you:)
    And I love LOVE coffee photos- its kind of a weird obsession cuz I look them up on Pinterest all. the. time.
    Can't wait to check out the Etsy shop!


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