Friday, February 14, 2014

Hello there! Ella here from Paper Umbrella. When Jennifer asked me to do a guest post this week I knew I had to do something related to Valentine’s Day! I don’t usually do nail art posts, but I was inspired to come up with a few subtle nail designs for those of us who want to celebrate the day of love without being too over the top. Here are a couple of easy ideas to inspire you!
Red & Pink:
This one is a little more on the traditional side, and a little more time consuming than the design below. Start with your first color and paint your whole nail. Wait for this layer to dry. Take two pieces of tape and tape off the part you don’t want to paint over (see pictures). Paint on your next color. Wait for this layer to dry, take off the tape carefully, put on your next layer of tape, and paint on your next color. Wait for the paint to dry, remove the tape, and that’s it!
Glitter Heart:
Paint your nails a solid color. I chose something a little unconventional for Valentines Day – as much as I love pink, sometimes I like to stray from the traditional holiday colors. Make sure you let your nails dry really well. Now, take a small piece of tape, fold it in half, cut out a little heart, and unfold it. Stick the tape on your nail, making sure the edges are fully stuck to your nails. For this part, you can use either glitter nail polish or clear polish and some glitter. If you are using glitter, pour some out, and mix a little bit of clear polish with it. Make sure you haven’t picked up any huge chunks of glitter, and then paint a layer onto your nail. Wait for the polish to dry completely (seriously, be patient or you’re gonna ruin it!). Carefully take off the tape and you’re done!

There are lots of fun ideas to try around the internet for simple nail art, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day themed nails! I would also like to try doing a French manicure with a glitter tip (maybe over red polish?) or experiment with this technique. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day, whether you're spending it with someone special, going out with your single girlfriends, or staying in with Misters Ben & Jerry ;) I'd say any of those merit some pretty, love themed nails!

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