Friday, January 24, 2014

January can get kind of busy. The kids are back at school, it's a new fiscal year at work, and all those resolutions you made a few weeks ago seem to have a hold on you. In the midst, busyness can stifle God's voice. Before we drown ourselves in our overbooked schedules, let's not forget that we have a God who wants to fight and is more than able to fight for you—you need only to be still. That truth took a load off my shoulder! I know I have the tendency to be overambitious in the beginning and say "yes" to so many things, only to be bitter and burnt out by the end. What a relief it is to remember that stillness and nothing-ness can be a strength and even productivity!  I'm holding fast to that truth today, which brings us to our Friday quote...

Here are today's sweet words for you. You can do whatever you wish with the below image! Pin it onto your Pinterest board, print it out and post it in your room, make it your phone wallpaper, or do absolutely nothing at all. It's just a little something, something to get good vibes in the air.

Happy Friday! May you choose to be still this weekend—whatever that looks like— and allow God's hand of power and might to move deep and wide in your life. Cheers!


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