Friday, January 31, 2014

My friends and I are graduating this May (!!!), and we're kind of just meandering around, figuring out how to walk within this season of uncertainty. In previous years, our "next steps" were always planned out for us; we knew what was expected of us and success was neatly packaged in a simple GPA. But now suddenly, that security and set routine is going to be stripped from us, and we need to figure out where to go from here. We're all unsure where we're going to be four months, one year, and five years from now. Will we be in grad school or working? Will we find a job we love or will we be miserable? Will we be married or single? Will we still be faithful or lost? Will we be satisfied or discontent? 

Of course, we have ideas and expectations, but nothing is concrete anymore. As frightening and daunting as that is, it's also not a bad place to be. Just because we wander and seem to be walking towards steps of mystery, we aren't lost, nor are we off track. 

God says that those who commit to the ways of the Lord, he will make their paths straight (Proverbs 3:6). I want to cling to this truth and enjoy this season of uncertainty I am in... Truly enjoy it and not try to muddy it up with my own plans/rules/systems. 

Here are today's sweet words for you. (I really need to hear them, too.) You can do whatever you wish with the below image! Pin it onto your Pinterest board, print it out and post it in your room, make it your phone wallpaper, or do absolutely nothing at all. It's just a little something, something to get good vibes in the air.

Happy Friday! :) May you choose to trust in Him and walk by faith even when you only know the next few steps ahead. May you lean into that uncertainty and resist the urge to control the situation yourself. May you discover sweet intimacy as you depend on Him.

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  1. I simply LOVE the image. I love it so much that I've debated about getting a tattoo of it for a long while. Time will tell ;) Being unsure is such a beauty. Sometimes the best laid plans go those instances it's best to just go with the flow. There is always another plan and another journey that is just waiting for you to discover.


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