Spring Cleaning.

Monday, April 8, 2013

The month of March was a fun one. Traveled with new friends, caught up with old ones. Visited five different countries. Played in the rain, played in the sun. Got my phone stolen (twice). Watched an English musical, watched Spanish flamenco dancers. Rode a gondola in Venice, rode an ATV in Greece. You know, the usual. (:

Now, it's starting to look a lot like spring around here. Flowers have started to bloom and patches of dirt have been newly replaced with fresh green grass. My favorite part? Looks like flip flops are out for good.

But a change of season means more to me than just pretty nature. Like fresh laundry and new sheets or a clean page in the journal, spring is the opportune time to turn a new leaf in my own personal life. A total spring cleaning.

New priorities, new goals. This month of April, I want to actively start adding healthy habits and good decisions into my daily life. And it will look a bit like this...

  • Get back to the heart of worship. Recently I heard that what we know about God is, and will be, the most important things about ourselves. That is a very strong claim, but I am an absolute firm believer in it. With all the travels and craziness that consumed my life in the past four months, my pursuit to know my maker fell into the backseat more times than I'd like to admit. But, Jesus has reminded me of his infinite grace and love; and in response, I am shaking the dust off my hands (again) and fixing my eyes back on Him.  What will that practically look like? Fill my brain with more truth, less garbage. I would be kidding myself if what I read, what I watched, or what I talked about didn't influence my thought process and eventually, actions. I know alllladat is very closely interlinked. So, I want to start spending more of my free time reading encouragement and truth, reading the word, listening to sermons, and enjoying/pursuing interests the Lord has placed on my heart.

  • Take care of my body. I never had a healthy eating habit. Most of my meals were consumed in the car ordered from the drive-thru, or past midnight, or purchased from the bakery of the grocery store. Now that my body is decaying and my metabolism is slowing at an uncomfortable rapid rate, I need to start taking care of myself better. What will this look like? Eat less carbs, more veggies. Stop snacking or eating out of boredom. Eat more meals at the table, not on the couch. Pour less sugar in the coffee. 

  • Work out every day. I picked up pilates this past month. Nothing extreme, just some youtube videos I found online, but I've actually noticed difference in toning and posture — and body image as well! I dread Insanity and I dread running even more, so it's nice that I've found a work out I enjoy! (:

  • Read two books. I don't work too well without a deadline, so I'm going to add some pressure and try to read two-three books each month. This month I plan on finishing two books before the calendar turns.

  • Journal. I come home in exactly 26 days. Before I know it, life in Europe will only be a memory, and the only thing real I'll have left are these blog posts, photos, and faded memories I manage to retain. And to help that retention, I want to journal each day — feelings, funny moments, interesting foods, lessons learned — to really make the days count.


  1. I love truthfulness, the honesty in this post!
    Come say hi:)

  2. Thanks! I think honesty helps keep me in check a bit. (; I will most definitely be stopping by.


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