Well, Now We Know...

Friday, February 1, 2013

... Just because gelato is on your way home, doesn't mean you HAVE to stop by and get some.

... If 80% of your diet consists of gelato and nutella, your skin isn't SUPPOSED to look good. (And your clothes aren't supposed to feel looser.)

... Don't purchase anything on the main streets of flea markets. Don't even let them entertain you by bargaining a few cents, whatever you want will still be half the price a few stands over.

... To just put that freaking water bottle in your purse before you leave the house, because you will get thirsty and be forced to pay 2.50€ for a glass if you don't.

... Just because euros come in different colors and sizes, does NOT mean it is ACTUALLY Monopoly money — so stop spending it like it is. In fact, it's monetary worth is much higher than the American dollar.

... And don't even think about dismissing the value of a coin, it's not just change for the meter anymore. Coins can be 1 or 2€!

... Don't wait until the last minute to buy plane/hostel tickets. You will get a much worse deal than your smart friends who bought it a week ago.

... Don't go to a currency exchange located in THE central hub for tourists. That "standard" 9% maintenance fee is a scam. Not to mention completely avoidable.

... Don't order a cheese pizza if the price tag says 9€.

... That 1 + 2 does, matter of fact, equal 2! This isn't rocket science, people... But I still had to learn these lessons the hard way.

"Well, now we know..." | That phrase used to be comforting, but 98234 rookie mistakes later, it is not so gracious. It is now delivered in an unfriendly tone, and mocks me with the low number in my bank account. "Well, now we know..." See the difference?!

People can learn from their mistakes, right....?  Idk, I'm gonna go ponder this over a tub of gelato. Ciao!

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