A Weekend in Florence

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This past weekend, some girls in the program and I decided to skip class on Friday and take a trip to Florence. Best decision ever. We had our first exam that Thursday, the day before departure, so timing was nice — the perfect way to commemorate the completion of the first unit and celebrate with a little hooky + retreat.

And man oh man, was it a celebration. We caught Florence on the most beautiful day: the sun was in its full glory giving everything in its reach a little glow. (Not like the kind of glow girls tried to achieve via spray tanning the day before prom. #Yikes.) Florence radiated — the good way — and its radiance was contagious.

Everything from the monumental architecture to the back alley streets made for the most perfect backdrop. And trust me, I took advantage of each and every one of those photo ops. (; Every minute or so I would look up from my map and just be blown away with what was staring back at me. If you ever have the chance to travel, put Florence somewhere high on the priority list and see for yourself. 

Here are some highlights of the weekend.

IMG_1737_SnapseedIMG_1678_Snapseed IMG_2219_Snapseed IMG_2191_Snapseed IMG_2084_Snapseed IMG_2052_Snapseed IMG_2035_Snapseed IMG_1998_Snapseed IMG_1995_Snapseed IMG_1929_Snapseed IMG_1921_Snapseed IMG_1711_Snapseed

Florence was a weekend of firsts which made it exciting — first time planning a trip since arriving in Verona, first time missing class, first time riding Italia rail, first time staying in a hostel, and first time traveling with these girls. And since it was my first, it's a favorite in my book. (:


  1. Omg I enjoy all your blogs!!! I am so jealous that you're in Italy. It's so interesting to see the different architectures and living styles through your pictures and journals. Please take more pictures and continue share :)

  2. Thanks so much! Yeah, I'm definitely enjoying myself here — and there's so much to tell I can't fit everything in one post. But I'll do my best! (:

  3. I happened to find your blog off Pinterest because you blogged about Florence! Thank you!



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